About J Gallagher Septic

I started pumping septic tanks when I was 17 years old during high school on the weekends, and full time after I graduated. I really didn't have any plans for college so I stuck with it, not realizing then how much I was learning about the industry, the skills I was developing, and most important the people and relationships I was building house after house, tank after tank, family after family. Eventually I knew that I could do this on my own. So in 1988 at age of 25, after working for a septic company for 7 years, I set off on my own risking a good job, great pay, and most important a roof over my head. I was determined to make it work and now, years later, I'm still building relationships one septic tank at a time.

I am extremely fortunate to have a great staff and family supporting me. They are true assets to this company. It is because of them, and their hard work and loyalty, that we can give our customers great service.

Jim Gallagher