Septic Pumping

Good solid maintenance, along with reasonable moderate use, and common sense are of major importance to manage and maintain most septic systems. While your septic system won’t last forever, you can prolong its life by conserving water and having your septic tank(s) routinely cleaned.

Pump your septic tank regularly. The frequency of pumping the tank or tanks is based on how many people live in the house, usage, capacity and age for each specific system. Generally, do not allow more than 2 years for a family of 4 to go by without pumping the tank to keep the accumulation of solids and sludge to a minimum, preventing them from flowing to the absorption area. If the tank is not pumped routinely, the system will fail due to the increased percentage of solids and scum that have clogged the soil.

Always pump the tank through the large central manhole, not the baffle ports. This minimizes the risk of harm to the baffles and maximizes the ability to properly clean the solids from the tank. Baffles should be checked at this time and if they are missing or damaged they should be replaced as soon as possible. An extension, or riser, can be installed on the manhole to make it more accessible for pumping. State regulations require that the manhole cover be no deeper than 12 inches below grade.

Septic System Information